Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who What What?

According to, "the shoe that will be everywhere this spring" is, wait for it, the MULE. I mean, the name itself grosses me out. I thought we had happily sailed past the fashion disasters of the early 2000's and forgotten about the second worst shoe style of all time (the first being the kitten heel, obviously).

Why on earth is the MULE coming back??? Not only is it terrible from the sense that it cuts off the line of your leg in the worst possible way, but you must have absolutely perfectly pedicured heels. I mean, they must be impeccable. And let's face it, most of us don't have the most lovely looking heels, just saying. If I may insist, can we all please agree to avoid the mule? Actual mules are ok though, isn't this one so cute??

Dive Back In

Ok, so second hiatus time is now officially over. Back to blogging. I have had so many ideas lately that my brain runneth over. I'm just going to stop sitting on the edge (so to speak) and just dive right back in! Here we go...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feel the Burn

Good Morning! It's a sunny rainy day here in Sonoma, my favorite spring time combo (you know, then sun's out but somehow it's drizzling). I needed a burst of energy to get me through my day so I found this great workout from Pop Sugar and girl am I awake! It's a 10 minute fat burning video from a trainer who works with the Victoria's Secret girls and it focuses on legs and butt, no equipment required. Give it a try, how can you not have 10 minutes to look like Heidi?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

So Fresh, So Clean

My best dressed pics for this years Oscar's were a no brainer. Slap on some Dior and you've got perfection. Put Charlize or Jennifer in Dior, and you've got a walking dream. Yes, Charlize can do no wrong, and her white column did everything for her perfect figure. But I gotta give my hightest prize to Ms. Oscar who killed it in this major Dior moment. Loved the volume of the skirt and the pale pink color, but the draped diamond chain she word down her back just screamed, "Here I am, watch me while I walk on stage to get my Oscar!!!". Lastly, points for simplicity, age appropriateness, and pure chic go to Christoph Waltz's wife, Judith Holste. So very Calvin Klein, very Gwyneth streamlined. I loved it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mas Motivation

This year I was diagnosed with Celiac, aka no gluten for me anymore! I've been struggling with tummy issues for years, and now I finally have my answer. So lately people have been asking me if I've lost weight since taking on a gluten free diet, and sadly, the answer is no! The honest truth is, no matter how healthy you eat, experiencing weight loss and getting that sexy body have everything to do with balance. There are no quick tricks, easy outs. For me, it's all about exercise, water, sleep, portion control, and eating lots of veggies and protein. Cutting out gluten, dairy, meat etc, are also good, but to stay slim and full of energy, I have to keep it all in check. I love these pics from Pinterest, nothing better than great visuals to motivate me!

Best of Beauty

I read The Cut daily, a great fashion blog from the NY Magazine, and just came across this great little beauty gem. It covers pretty much all our worst habits, like cuticle cutting and not washing makeup brushes, both vices of mine I'll admit. Read on for the genius tips...

*pic from The Cut

Elle of a Year

Hello all, I'm on the sofa today with a bit of the flu, so I have no excuse but to give Bianca Troy a little love. Especially since I've had these pics on my desktop since January!
Pretend for a sec it's early 2013, and you have all started to cleanse and you've all vowed to start the year on your best (re: healthiest!) behavior. Now imagine seeing these unbelievable photos of Elle on the beach, in all of her (age 49) glory! Talk about inspiring. Now, fast forward back to present day, are your resolutions still motivating you? If not, take a little inspo from Elle. She doesn't look this way because she's a slacker. I have nothing but praise for people who can be this consistent with good habits. Now get up and get going...I will too, promise!

*pics from Australian Vogue